Friends With Coffee


Branding, Sisters and Friends with Coffee

One year ago, I sat in my Florida home trying to decide whether or not to make the move back to the Northland. Fast-forward to this spring when I sold my Florida home, rented a small house, and hauled all my belongings up to Duluth, MN. I had a couple months to get settled in before I began working full time and it gave me the opportunity to get unpacked and to think about my heart’s desires. That’s when I decided to launch this blog, and it was important to me to do it right. Continue reading “Friends With Coffee”

For the Love of Coffee

Woman sitting on couch at home drinking coffee

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Lisa Seeks Coffee – For the Love of Coffee

Let’s get this out in open right away — I’m not a coffee snob… yet. However, I do LOVE coffee. I get up every morning and the thing that makes me get out of bed is the thought of my first cup of coffee. (Okay, that and a screaming bladder. Let’s be honest here.) I love everything about coffee. I love the way it smells, the warmth, the taste, the options, but most of all I love the rituals I create around it. Continue reading “For the Love of Coffee”